My songwriting... it's almost like a kind of self-therapy. Paolo Nutini

My songwriting... it's almost like a kind of self-therapy. Paolo Nutini My songwriting... it's almost like a kind of self-therapy. Paolo Nutini

I am a music specialist, educator, songwriter and composer.

About Me


I live to share the astonishing power of music!

Dominique Levack is a PRS Award winning songwriter, composer and music intervention specialist.  

She is also a sought-after speaker and inspirational facilitator within arts & healthcare communities.

Her practice currently ranges across consultancy and delivery within dementia care, functional illness & spectrum disorders.

She is the music specialist at St.Magnus Hospital, Haslemere.

Dominique has a Post Graduate Diploma in Music Health Society from Nordoff Robbins. 


I believe if you can speak you can sing


Your voice is unique. 

No one looks like you. No one sounds like you. So to hide your voice is to hide yourself. 

Having worked with many clients of varying abilities, I can support you to make the absolute best of your voice. 

Focus on your breath and your voice will follow. Singing can release stress, build confidence and connect you to a deep sense of identity.

Songwriting and composition

Songwriting has been my constant companion from an early age.  

Songs remain at the heart of the music industry. 

Songs are the keys that connect us.

You will find me in a song.



Dominique is a great writer both of top line melodies / lyrics and music well as being a fantastic singer and running choirs and music therapy workshops, she also finds time to record and release her own  compositions ... Inspiration x" 

Youth - 

"What  a pleasure it has been working with you these past couple of years.  I  have learnt a lot and have seen what a difference a truly person centred approach from an expert in the field  can make to the group.  Your ability to make each person feel special  and unique is outstanding." 

Gill  C. Alzheimer's Society

'Dominique is an exceptional coach who works with all her clients, whatever their ability, to bring out the absolute best in them"

Eugenie A - The Big Chill Record Label

"Dom helped me find my voice. "

Valerie C

'Thank  you so much on behalf of all the doctors for a very interesting,  educational and highly enjoyable talk about music therapy for our  patients at St Magnus.

As you saw, you had us all fully engaged and wanting more!'


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